A founder-first VC firm
designed like a
tech startup

Together Fund is an early stage venture capital fund led by Girish Mathrubootham, Manav Garg, Shubham Gupta and Avinash Raghava seeking to help India’s best entrepreneurs build, scale and win together to establish a “Product Nation”.
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Core Principles


Put the founder as the center of all decisions. Be the type of investor we dreamt to partner with when we started our own startups.

Early believer

Be the earliest believer in the founder’s vision. Stick through them from seed to scale, functioning not just as an investor but as an additional co-founder.

Go beyond capital

Help founders with not just capital but with deep tribal knowledge and contemporaneous contextual guidance around product-market-fit, go-to-market and customer acquisition.

Offer a people + technology + knowledge ecosystem

Provide an entire ecosystem of experienced founders and operational leaders aided by technology tools and process playbooks to guide and assist you to build and scale your startup.


Dr. Abdul Kalam said that a dream is not what you see while sleeping,
it is what that doesn’t let you sleep.
Together is not just about financial returns, it is about a dream to build India as a “Product Nation”.
Together is not just a fund, it is a way to give back to the startup community and pay it forward. 
Together, let us build world-class companies. 


If there is one word to describe Together’s approach,
that word would be “inclusive”.
While talking to founders, gilt-edge resumes don’t matter as much as hunger and humility.
We don’t see the startups we back as a portfolio but as a community and an ecosystem.
We don’t see other investors as competitors, but as partners.

Together looks for founders who are ambitious yet humble, capable as well as committed - people who believe in the power of technology to transform industries and who want to build world-class companies without resorting to any kind of shortcuts.

Once such a founder is identified, the firm moves quickly to invest early at and on founder-friendly terms that optimize for relationships over returns.

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What would it be like if a VC acted less like an investor and
more like a co-founder in your company?
That is the ideal that Together aspires towards. 

Once Together has partnered with a founder, a wide range of abilities are now at your disposal - from real-world expertise and tribal knowledge in building and scaling huge companies to specific contextual tactical and strategic assistance from world-class experts and builders. All designed to help your startup reach product-fit in an efficient way, scale faster and pave the way for a world-beating company.

Through this journey, Together will be an all-weather partner - celebrating your victories from the sidelines but more importantly, standing right by your side when you fail and helping you get back on your feet.
If you are a startup founder who is looking for such a committed partner, do get in touch.

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Let’s build together.
Let’s scale together.
Let’s win together.