Don’t just pick winners,
help create them.

We have been fortunate enough to have founded companies like Freshworks and Eka and have supported more than 100 startups in their journeys as angel investors.

We go beyond
providing capital

We provide an entire ecosystem to support founders with 150+ experienced founders, functional experts and peer founder community so that entrepreneurs can  minimise early mistakes and can scale faster.

Find out some of the operators + founders in our Together Network. We have execs who are or been at these startups at senior levels. The Partners at Together have backed and serve extraordinary founders building for massive scalable companies.

How do we Invest?

Here’s an overview of how we’d want to be a part of your endeavour

Hire the team

Not just a team for fund operations but a team to help founders “build”, “scale” and “win”

Activate the network

Don’t just tell but show the strength of 150 founders

Treat capital as a product

Apply product management and distribution principles to funding

Build the platform

Invest in technology to scale, accelerate and manage all aspects of funding from deal flow to portfolio management to LP relationships and reports

Step 5

Build a brand

Re-imagine content, culture and community aspects and improve your brand image

Here are some of the startups that we have partnered with.

A Digital Health Platform

that uses Computer Vision, AI and Deep Learning to make healthcare accessible and affordable

A Developer Tool startup

that helps developers fix the bugs that really matter for their customers in minutes instead of in days

A Recruitment Tech company

that will redefine how companies manage candidate relationships

A Next-generation Platform

that democratizes user research and helps product teams to co-create with their customers

A Pioneer in PLG

that helps revenue teams at product-led companies convert free trials faster by giving them visibility into product activity and key actions taken

A Revolutionary SaaS product

for GTM teams at product-led companies