The Zone - An ecosystem of world-class founders and operators

Sachin Tendulkar’s straight drive. Roger Federer’s squash shot. Muhammed Ali’s anchor punch.
Elite competitors have a moment of astounding clarity where they transcend their environment. Body and mind in perfect harmony, perfect balance. This is called “The Zone”.
What if we could emulate this level of peak performance, not just individually, but as a collective of performers?

Welcome to “The Zone”

The Zone is a technology hub and community that puts proven product and market expertise on your side on Day Zero. A human + technology + knowledge platform like no other.
We don’t just provide capital - we provide an entire ecosystem to support our founders. A close-knit network of 150+ experienced founders, functional experts and peer founders that will help our founders operate in The Zone to build, scale and win faster.

Hear from some of the folks who are part of The Zone.
Ashwini Asokan - Mad Street Denplay
Ashwini Asokan

Ashwini Asokan - Mad Street Den

Karthi Mariappan - Hippo Videoplay
Karthi Mariappan

Karthi Mariappan - Hippo Video

Khadim Batti - Whatfixplay
Khadim Batti

Khadim Batti - Whatfix

Krish Subramanian - Chargebeeplay
Krish Subramanian

Krish Subramanian - Chargebee

Nishith Rastogi - Locusplay
Nishith Rastogi

Nishith Rastogi - Locus

Pulkit Agarwal - Trellplay
Pulkith Agarwal

Pulkit Agarwal - Trell

Sanket Shah - InVideoplay
Sanket Shah

Sanket Shah - InVideo

Shanti Mohan - LetsVentureplay
Shanthi Mohan

Shanti Mohan - LetsVenture

Vetri Vellore - Allyplay
Vetri Vellore

Vetri Vellore - Ally


We are happy to have worked with such great founders that have trusted their important journey with us by their side.
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"Shubham has been an investor and mentor for the past 4+ years in my zoomcar journey.  As someone with tireless energy, Shubham always has constructive inputs on capital raising, product, hiring, growth, and people related challenges. 

The Together Fund is a truly innovative concept that leverages the entire startup ecosystem to offer the entrepreneur differentiated value compared to more generic funds that just provide capital and little else."

Greg Moran

CEO of Zoomcar
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"I had a wonderful journey working with Girish at Freshworks - I'd feel I learned something new every time I met with Girish, and he often helped guide our team to come to the right decisions with our product and GTM.

I’ve known Shubham for close to 2yrs now. It was great working with Shubham while he was at Matrix, as his efforts helped us build conviction together on the problems we set out to solve.

Together fund is uniquely positioned to help Indian start-ups going global with its strong network of successful founders and execs as active LPs. This creates a unique opportunity for Indian startups to get exposed to the playbooks of successful global startups earlier in their journey, which should help increase their chances of succeeding with their venture."

Srikrishnan Ganesan

Co-founder, Rocketlane
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"Shubham for us continues to be that 2am friend who is also ready to act when in need. Very few investors have the appetite to stomach bad news and fewer can offer to act to help without judging you. He has done that many times over for us. Every founder should have someone like that on their side.

I believe Together fund is going to be a game changer in the startup ecosystem given people behind the fund have given so much to SaaS in india already. Having entrepreneurs as partners at a fund is the next wave of awesome."

Sakshi Tulsian

Chief Revenue Officer & CoFounder, Posist Technologies
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"It was great to have Girish as our sounding board during our journey in the last 1 year. Girish is one of those guys who has seen growth at all levels and knows about the problems that exist at those levels. A 30 min call with Girish is equivalent to 3 month of problems being solved.

One thing that I have learnt from Girish and communicated actively is that running a startup is like running a restaurant. Your kitchen will always be messy but the food experience cannot be compromised."


CEO, Hubilo
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"Over the past four years, Girish and Manav have been a source of constant support and inspiration for me. I still remember the first conversation with Girish before BrowserStack's Series A round, which gave me a different perspective on the fund-raise. Ever since then, Girish and Manav have given me continued support in scaling BrowserStack, be it hiring, brainstorming on strategic problems, or acting as a sounding board to my ideas. 

Together Fund is a great initiative that can help budding entrepreneurs get the much-needed guidance and support to build a successful business.I think this is a great effort that will inspire more entrepreneurs to step up and take the plunge, knowing that there is a safety net that will support them every step of the way."

Ritesh Arora

CEO & CoFounder, BrowserStack